There is a record of past Cafe Sci speakers and their subjects available at the national Cafe Sci website,

  • We are currently in the process of uploading digital sound file recordings of a number of past talks onto a website, which will allow those who weren't there - and especially those who were - to listen again to the talk, and the quesion and answer session.
    Files are in mp3 format, so any computer should be able to play them, and also a Walkman and even a mobile phone..

  • You may have to download or upgrade your music software ( it is mainly a music site); but that should be fairly automatic, 

    The recordings here are filed in subfolders, organised term by term, but going back a few years only, to when we began recording 
    To download, simply select the talk that interests you and click. You will have to wait a few seconds before the download link appears. Don't rush.

    NB: There is some scope for comments on the content of the files, like music reviews ( it is mainly a music site) on the 4shared site itself. So we may see how this works in practice.
  • Last season's talks were:-
  • January 11th : Patent law: a problem or a solution to cool the planet?: with Dr Estelle Derclaye, Associate Professor and Reader in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Nottingham, School of Law.
    January 18th: Confucius; chinese thought from ancient times to the present day: with Xiaojing Ji of Nottingham University's Confucius Institute
    January 25th:
    He ain't  hv = E ( he's my brother....):  an exploration of the significance of contemporary neuroscience and the discovery of the role of neural plasticity, juxtaposed with the significance of mathematics and of the various cosmological constants (such as Planck's).
    February 1st:   Quo Vadis? An informal evening's discussion about how the Cafe Scvi is working, the website, the programme, arrangements for food or for chairing, and anything else we need to agree for the future. (We do this roughly once a term...)
    February 8th:  The Origin of Creativity and the Language of Science with Ian Howarth
    February 15th:   Is there anybody there? a presentation introduced by Geoff Bagley
    February 22nd: Citation counting versus the value of research (unconfirmed subject): with Professor Charles Oppenheim, Department of Information Science, Loughborough
    March 1st:   World cafe discussion: communication and participatory structures at home and abroad with Andreas Fulda
    March 8th:Now everyone's talking about it - will social inequality fall?with Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography in the University of Sheffield and Visiting Professor in the Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol.
    March 15th: Understanding how the brain works; technological limitations and philosophical errors with Noah Russell of Nottingham University
    March 22nd: The nature of Music: with the East Midlands Contemporary Music for Amateurs ( "COMA") ensemble
  • The Autumn 2009 talks were:
  • October 5th : Suicide and other moods states in ancient Egypt: with Tom Harrison, Consultant Psychiatrist, Birmingham Mental Health Trust/Royal College of Psychiatrists
    October 12th: Laughter and Well-Being: an interactive workshop with Jo Eadie
    October 19th: Note that there is no planned speaker for this night; but there may yet be an informal gathering
    October 25th: Neural Darwinism; a layperson's introduction to the significance of brain plasticity: with Robin Johnson, RJA Consultancy
    November 2nd: Pandemics, policy, and public health: Robert Dingwall, Director, Institute for Science and Society, Nottingham University
    November  9th:   Community in three countries:; Citizen perceptions of community in Ningbo, Nuertingen and Nottingham: with Andreas Fulda, Nottingham University (Note that this talk has an earlier start at 7.30pm; this is another of our innovative interactive sessions; and needs a little more time than 2 hrs for the full event.)
    November 16th: Risk and resistance : the impact of modern management culture on the probation service; with Ofelia Palermo, Nottingham Trent School of Business
    November 23rd: "Transhumanism": with Steve Fuller, Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick
    November 30th:   "To (B)oldly go" - Social networking, later life and ICTs:
    this evening will be a special "Hadron Collider for ideas" event, for research purposes, with Mel Heeley
    December  7th:  New applicatons of genetic analysis in forensic science: with David Hughes
    December 14th:  Powerpoint karaoke; an eventful evening (that's all we're saying......)