The café meets once a week in university term times. We now meet downstairs at the Lord Robert's pub,  24 Broad Street, Nottingham NG1 3AN in Hockley, just down the road from the landmark Broadway cinema.

For those with satnavs, or mapping software, the address is:   NG1 3AN

The pub is 10 minutes walk from the railway station; 5 minutes from the nearest tram stop (get off at Lacemarket). For those tempted to come by car, parking is fairly limited in the streets nearby. The nearest multi-storeys are at The Victoria Centre (NG1 3QN) or Stoney Street (NG1 1LS). You can also access a map via the Meet Up site: But for that, you will have to sign up to MeetUp (see below). It's quick and painless, and costs you nothing.
Since the evening starts with a brief but crucial introductory talk, it is best to arrive on time – or earlier, to be sure of a comfortable seat.

If you are coming to Café Sci for the first time, and would like to introduce yourself (though you are not in any way obliged to) then just ask anyone who the organisers are, or who is the chair for the evening (it will in any case soon become clear…)
For those who would like to receive email alerts of coming talks, the café sci is twinned with the MeetUp social networking website, and those who sign up there should receive mailed notifications of talks and any alterations. To sign up to MeetUp, go to:-
and simply register.  Then follow the instructions.

You can also contact the organisers - Catherine, Hugh and Mel at