Nottingham Cafe Scientifique et Culturel

What is a “Café Sci”?

Nottingham’s Cafe Scientifique et Culturel, “Café Sci” for short, is a weekly discussion group open to all those with a broad interest in ideas.  We meet in a pub (FIND US) in the heart of Nottingham, usually with an invited speaker.
Despite the name, these discussions are not in fact restricted to science subjects, narrowly defined, but have ranged over a very wide range of interests ( see panel bottom right).

For this current season’s programme, see:  PROGRAMME
And for some past year’s speakers and topics, browse through the archive files (ARCHIVE).
There is no formal membership or standard charge.  But we do ask for a contribution to cover costs (see “costs” in FORMAT).  The “guide price” currently is the cost of your first drinks – or £4-5 pounds waged, £2-3 unwaged.  
If you might be interested in speaking, or can think of a good speaker,  please talk to or email one of the organisers; and/or see the ADVICE FOR SPEAKERS section. 
Colin Tudge speaking on 15 June 2009


The term “Café Sci” is shorthand for “Café Scientifique et Culturel”, which reflects the range of subjects we cover. 
(The café discussion phenomenon began in Paris – where else? – and hence the French language ….)

It is often the connections between different discussions– not always apparent before hand –  that provokes the greatest interest and discussion.
If you are coming to the Café Sci for the first time, and would like to introduce yourself (though you are not in any way obliged to), then just ask anyone who the organisers are, or who is the chair for the evening (it will in any case soon become clear …)

There are sound recordings of many past talks, which you can access via the "Archive" page