THE PROGRAMME: Autumn 2010
Details of the Autum 2010 programme, and  more details of the Café Sci talks programme, venue etc are available via the Meetup website:-

Please note: as far as possible we publish in advance the Café programme for the coming season – though inevitably there are sometimes alterations, so it is advisable to check. For those who would like to receive email alerts of coming talks, the café sci is twinned with the MeetUp social networking website. For details, see:  FIND US.
For some past year’s speakers and topics, browse through the archive files at

Here is an example of past term's programmes:-

  • April 27th : To be confirmed: with unspecified

  • May 3rd:    Bank Holiday - no discussion

  • May 10th:   Westernising Chinese Medicine - or "easternising Western medicine?: with Prof Dave Kendall,

  • May 17th:    The science in "Life on Mars": with Charlotte Bilby and Jon Garland, Leicester Univerity criminology

  • May 24th:    Watts new in clean energy materials - batteries included: with Prof. Saiful Islam, Bath University
  • May 31st:    Bank Holiday - no discussion

  • June 7th:      A promising start; the philosophical contributions of John Searle:
    World Cafe discussion

  • June 14th:    To be confirmed
    with unspecified

  • June 21st:    What's your personality disorder? with Dr Chris Evans

  • June 28th:  Science, Lies and Videotape with Andy Balmer,

  • July 5th:     To be confirmed
    with unspecified