There are many ways to get involved in the Café Sci – and there is no one right way.

Of course, you can just turn up on a Monday night, and – even better – ask a question in the Q&A. 
Roughly once a season we have an open discussion with all who care to come along.  You do not have to be a “regular” or an “old hand” – just have an opinion to share.
For those who would like to suggest a speaker – or to BE a speaker -then just have a word with one of the organisers; or email us via the FIND US page.
We would also like to encourage more people to chair the evenings.  It’s an interesting experience in its own right….
You will soon be able to download past talks from the archive; and discuss themes via the blog.

LINKS to other related sites

Firstly, the Meetup website:

Then any other links people choose to make. Want to link to this site? Contact us at: .cafe sci website..

Local groups or networks
Nottingham Science City:
Nottingham University of the Third Age:

Past speakers or topics
Colin Tudge ( speaker in Summer 2009) and the Campaign for Real Farming :